The Phoenix Rising


Forge New Confidence, Re-find Your Footing, And Ensure That Your Divorce Negatively Affects Your Finances, Family and Emotional Stability As Little As Possible.

Phoenix Rising is your holistic guide to avoid the pitfalls, mistakes and heartache that plague millions of divorced and divorcing women.

With over $5,000 in resources, guides, legal checklists and tutorials, you won’t just save money in legal fees and paperwork. You’ll save YOURSELF.


Included in your purchase today:

  A STEP-BY-STEP ROADMAP to grow from legal newbie to a woman who has a perfect grip on her circumstances and future by using the law to her advantage.

  A BREAKDOWN OF THE DIVORCE PROCESS to relieve your stress and motivate you to take action as you successfully walk through this process with poise and a balanced mind.

  20+ TOOLS AND RESOURCES so you know exactly what tasks have to be done, how quickly, and how to do them with ruthless effectiveness like the goddess you are.

  EMPATHIC SUPPORT AND GUIDANCE to help you work with your ex and their attorney so your family has the best possible life, from next week, to next month, to next decade.

For $48, you could ensure that you and your kids get the resources you deserve.

Without exaggeration, over the course of your lives this could mean a difference of thousands or even millions of dollars.

It’s an investment in protecting your future, growing your wisdom, and maybe most importantly, empowering you to “reset” emotionally and live as the secure, thriving woman you deserve to be.

And from one divorcée to another, I can tell you that, my dear, is priceless.

You deserve happiness – but in our world that rarely comes without work.

I’m thrilled to help you turn this arduous journey into a win, no matter how dark and defeating it seems right now.

What People Are Saying:

I can't express how grateful I am for the Phoenix Rising Ultimate Divorce Kit. It provided me with the guidance and support I needed during the most challenging time of my life. The step-by-step roadmap helped me navigate the legal and financial aspects of divorce with confidence. Thanks to this kit, I now have a clear understanding of my rights, a solid financial plan, and a newfound sense of empowerment. Highly recommended!

Emily Thompson - Denver, Colorado

The Phoenix Rising Ultimate Divorce Kit is a game-changer. As a mother going through a divorce, I was overwhelmed and uncertain about my financial future. This kit provided me with the knowledge and tools I needed to protect myself and my children. The order bump ups, especially the Resume and Cover Order Bump Up, helped me update my professional documents and secure a better job after the divorce. I'm forever grateful for the support and resources provided by FemmeRise.

Sarah Johnson - Austin, Texas

I recently went through a divorce, and the Phoenix Rising Ultimate Divorce Kit was my lifeline. The comprehensive information, clear roadmaps, and practical tips helped me navigate the legal and financial complexities of the process. The Career Shift Tips & Tricks Order Bump Up was a game-changer for me as it provided invaluable guidance on starting a new career and finding financial independence. FemmeRise truly understands the challenges women face during divorce, and their kit is a must-have for anyone going through this difficult journey.

Michelle Rodriguez - Miami, Florida

$48.00 USD

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Resume and Cover Letter:

A professional resume and cover letter guide tailored to your post-divorce goals.

Career Shift Tips & Tricks:

Accelerate your career transition after divorce with expert guidance. Learn proven strategies and techniques to pivot your career path.

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