Phoenix Rising

Reignite Your Power and Rise from the Ashes of Divorce 

Process Your Emotions • Learn Your Financial and Legal Path • Rebuild Back Even Stronger

In the newfound dark, the Phoenix Rising Kit is your beacon of light.

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Phoenix Rising

Reignite Your Power and Rise from the Ashes of Divorce 

Process Your Emotions • Learn Your Financial and Legal Path • Rebuild Back Even Stronger

In the newfound dark, the Phoenix Rising Kit is your beacon of light.

Get The Phoenix Rising Kit

Dear Friend,

In my own divorce, the number one feeling I felt was isolation.

I was alone, without knowing my options, my future, or even what I should be doing.

So maybe you feel a bit like I did:

I knew the cold touch of loneliness, the searing pain of betrayal, and the anxiety-inducing grip of financial uncertainty. I felt overwhelmed and powerless.

But there is a dawn after this long, dark night.

I’m here to introduce you to the Phoenix Rising Kit: your trusted ally, meticulously crafted for brave souls like you, journeying through the tangled woods of divorce.

What's The Phoenix Rising Kit?

When the gavel hits, and the papers are signed, the echoes of finality can be deafening.

Legal fees, asset division, and the abrupt shift to a single income – these mountains can seem insurmountable.

But nestled in the pages and resources of the Phoenix Rising Kit, you’ll find the tools to conquer these specific problems:

  • Navigating the legal world. Paperwork, asset division, child custody… these are things you never wanted to think about. In these pages, you’ll learn how to create the best possible outcome for you and your kids and have your choice of options of how to proceed based on your unique circumstances.
  • Finding your emotional footing. My divorce left me feeling 20 years older and twice as bitter. How could I imagine this new life if I never wanted it in the first place? For minds locked in dread, regret, anger, or fear, The Phoenix Rising kit gives you the tools and strategies to self-soothe and heal – even if your divorce is all you think about 24 hours a day.
  • Empathic support. You’re not in this alone, and I’ll prove it to you. When you join, you get immediate lifetime access to our online community, teeming with women of all ages and backgrounds in the exact same position as you. It’s the perfect arena to vent, get advice, connect, and find solace.

Your Path to Liberation

Finding relief isn’t a distant “someday,” it’s an inevitable reality. Our kit dissects the intricate labyrinth of divorce, offering actionable steps that transform your anxiety into a composed mastery over your finances.
With the wisdom contained in these resources, financial literacy blossoms. You’ll decipher the cryptic language of asset management and budgeting, and become your own advocate in your path to financial independence.

Give Yourself The Gift Of An Emotional Renaissance

Divorce, while draining, is also an opportunity for a reset. And within this space, a metamorphosis occurs. Our kit isn’t just a treasure trove of financial guidance – it’s a sanctuary for the soul. Together, we’ll navigate the emotional tempests, offering coping strategies and a lantern in the deep night of isolation.

The FemmeRise Tribe Awaits!

The journey ahead is forged with challenges, but every step is one when walked with allies. Becoming a part of the Phoenix Rising Kit isn’t just a bunch of tutorials, it’s a heartfelt embrace into the FemmeRise tribe – a sisterhood of phoenixes who once, like you, found themselves facing perhaps the worst event in their lives… fought through it… and won.

A Real-Life Action Guide

Every tidbit of wisdom, every resource within this kit is carved out from personal experience. This isn’t a mechanical, cold guide. It’s a passionate creation, imbued with empathy and understanding, born from what others have done and how they’ve succeeded.

More Affordable Than a SINGLE Counseling Session

I know that buying a $800 course probably isn’t in the budget right now. So we’ve made the course accessible and as low-cost as possible. 

Priced at just $47, it’s not just a purchase but an investment in your growth. It’s an actionable, step-by-step journey from the shaky grounds of uncertainty to an empowered state of self-reliance and financial autonomy.

The frost of isolation melts, revealing a world where each day isn’t a struggle but a celebration of renewed strength. In this space, you’re not just surviving – you’re thriving, weaving a future of emotional and financial prosperity.

Let Me Sweeten The Deal With Some FREE Bonuses

Bonus #1:

Post-Divorce Emotional Reset-Tips & Tricks for Adjusting to Post-Divorce Life

Before you take care of your assets, legal gameplan and future, you have to feel balanced and emotionally stable. Almost all women make grave mistakes because they’re holding out hope or have sunk into a deep state of resentment. I want you to go through this in the best mental state possible, and come out the other side feeling even stronger.

Bonus #2:

Tips & Tricks for Looking for Hidden Assets

If there is distrust or a large amount of fuzzy assets in your divorce, you don’t want to lose sleep over your ex hiding things to their benefit. This guide ethically shows you some clever tricks to make sure nothing unjustly stays a secret.

Bonus #3:

QDRO Checklist and Step By Step Instructions

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order is a must-have legal document that governs how retirement assets are distributed, and to whom. Even if retirement is far, far away, this is something that can make a monumental financial difference in the future.

Rise, Phoenix, Rise!

This isn’t the end you may have convinced yourself that it is. Your odyssey from the dark grounds of divorce to the sun-kissed summits of renewal begins with a single step.
If it’s time to take that step…
This is the exact guide you need. I have a feeling you didn’t read this big old page just for fun.
Spread your wings and let the Phoenix Rising Kit be the wind beneath them.


In sisterhood and solidarity,

Nargiza Mashuri




P.S.!!! Your regrowth is imminent. Every resource, every piece of wisdom in this guide is a bridge from the chaotic present to a future embroidered with financial autonomy and emotional rejuvenation. You’re not just a survivor. You’re a phoenix, destined to rise – stunning and invincible. Unleash your journey now!

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Process Your Emotions • Learn Your Financial and Legal Path • Rebuild Back Even Stronger 

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